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Notebook servers, quick start#

How to launch and access a notebook server#

  1. Log in to Bryn.
  2. Using the navigation menu on the left hand side, select 'Notebook servers' under the 'Compute' subheading.
  3. Click the 'Launch notebook server' green action button on the right hand side.
  4. Select a profile, for example 'Standard server' or 'GPU server' (tier dependent).
  5. Click 'Launch Server' and monitor the progress bar.
  6. Once ready, click the URL beneath the 'User notebook server'.
  7. On first login, you may be asked to authorize access to your Bryn account. Click 'Authorize'.
  8. The JupyterLab interactive computing interface should open in a new tab.

Finding your way around the JupyterLab interface#

We highly recommend spending a few moments familiarizing yourself with the basic JupyterLab interface. Head to the JupyterLab interface docs to get started.

Fundamentally, your screen is divided into a few areas. You'll see context menus at the top (File, Edit, View, Run etc.), a file browser pane on the left, and an activity area that initially displays a launcher interface with tiles. Clicking on one of these tiles will open a new tab in the activity area.

What now?#

Since most users are familiar with using a terminal to access a system shell (just like on a VM!), let's start there.